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Intuitive control with touch screen panel (in english and german, standard)

Technique should make people’s life easier. This is why we rely on innovative technical components, which are simple to operate. Therefore our equipment, for example, is equipped with a touch screen panel or a control device with LCD panel which can control any equipment centrally. Moreover, we believe in energy-saving technology and put a lot of emphasis on high efficiency and fault liability. You can also benefit from our technical support provided by our Support Hotline and distance maintenance.

» Distance Maintenance
Should you have a problem, our distance maintenance technique will help to find a quick solution.

» Little Maintenance Required
Our water softeners for steam systems stand out due to their low maintenance requirements. You only have to change filters once a year. And it is so simple that you can do it yourself.

» No Electricity Costs
The water softener works without electricity.

Maintenance and repair done by our technician
Water softener (50x50x20cm - W/H/D)
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