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Haslauer Priessnitz Bath® (Europat.)

NaturTherme Templin, Templin / Germany

Wellness can make you feel tired. Especially, when after certain heat treatments the cool off and refreshment phase is missing. This strains the cardio vascular-system.
The Priessnitz Bath®, named after the master of water therapy, Vinzenz Prießnitz, combines steam shots and cold stimulants at the climax of pure thermal enjoyment in just one treatment.

Select either cool rain or ice for health-conscious guests. This will boost your guests’ immune system!

1) Warming up 2) Steam shots 3) Refreshment

» Computer-Controlled Program
Number and duration of steam shots, length of ventilation, seat and room temperature – you define the optimal program.

» Cool Rain or Ice
Choose the refreshment you would like to offer your guests.

» Haslauer Water Preparation
No limescale – an almost maintenance free system offers high operating safety > Further information

» Design
Can be arranged individually – to your preference.

» Flexible Use
The Priessnitz Bath® can be used as a conventional steam room or heat cabin.

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